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About Me

hi there lovely internet folks.

this page is called about me, so yeah this is going to be a page about me i guess not that u really care lol

well wasting your teenage years on the internet and coffee and just being an unmotivated lazy little twat is just gr8888

i look about three years younger than i am. me sexy is just no

i, like pretty much all teenage girls, feel unattractive a lot of the time and often find myself wishing i had her beauty or her height or her appeal.

i hate how people think i am “fishing for compliments” when i publicly accuse myself. i’m really not attention seeking, i am genuinely insecure. 

i basically see beauty in everything, except me.

sometimes, i am almost sure that i am invisible.

is the internet a talent?

i love to write. whether that be small poems or stories or songs. 

i have the most awkward but brilliant sense of humour and that’s why tumblr is so fab because millions of others are just as awesome as me penis 

food is aaaaamazing

the hunger games is life and so is perks of being a wallflowaaa

i daydream a lot but i know i shouldn’t, it makes me all pathetic and hopeful for things i know i’ll never have and that’s just sad

as you can probably tell from my blog, i really love the whole vintage style. 

maths should be locked in a room full of its failed selfies and hipster blogs for all i care  

i like to act and sing and even dance

my dad is the main culprit for making me fall in love with the 60s era

i love taylor swift (old taylor swift). ingrid michaelson, zooey deschanel, emma stone, the kooks, the script, lady antebellum, ed sheeran, mumford and sons, logan lerman and jennifer lawrence are pretty brilliant also.

so to sum up, i am an extremely awkward little dreamer-girl who talks to her guitar, is probably going to marry her laptop and wears glasses as big as her imagination.

that is all.